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Education a Prequisitie

Education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity and success, it is a prerequisite - US President Mr Obama, Mar 09
Home Tuition - Home Tutors Singapore! E-mail
Friday, 04 March 2011
Request a Tutor Online at www.hometutors.sg or via Email: sghometutors@gmail.com 

Please provide us the details:

HP and Home Tel:
Level and Subjects:
Student's School:
Address and Postal Code:
Lessons per week: 
Hours per lesson:
Days and Time:
Start Date:
Know us from: 

We will get back to you at our earliest possible. Thank you - www.hometutors.sg

We regret that we may not be able to proceed with the request if insufficient information is submitted. 


Home Tuition Specialist , Professional Home Tuition  - www.hometutors.sg  

Request a Tutor Online at www.hometutors.sg or via Email: sghometutors@gmail.com 
Tel: 96718116
Drop us an Email or SMS if our lines are busy  

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Maths Tuition, Science Tuition, English Tuition, Chinese Tuition, PSLE Tuition, O Level Tuition, A Level Tuition, Primary Tuition, Secondary Tuition, A Maths Tuition, E Maths Tuition, Pure Physics Tuition, Pure Chemistry Tuition, Combine Science Tuition, JC Tuition, H2 Maths Tuition, H2 Physics Tuition, H2 Chemistry Tuition, H2 Biology Tuition, H2 Economics Tuition, JC Maths Tuition, JC Physics Tuition, JC Chemistry Tuition, JC Economics Tuition, JC GP Tuition, JC Biology Tuition

IB Tuition, IGCSE Tuition, Grade 1-12 Tuition, OFS Tuition
IB Tuition,  IB Diploma Programme (16-19) ,  IB Middle Years Programme (11-16) , IB HL Maths, IB SL Maths, IB Physics, IB Chemistry, IB Bio, IB English 
IGCSE Maths, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE English
OFS, UWC, UWCSEA, AIS, EIS, GIS, DPS, SAS, NPS, Tanglin Trust ...

Over 10,000 Home Tutors and Teachers. Results Proven Tuition, Excellent Track Records and Positive Feedback. As Advertised in Straits Times. Home Tuition Singapore - www.hometutors.sg


All Subjects / Levels / Areas: 

Primary Tuition, Secondary Tuition, JC Tuition 
PSLE Tuition, O Level Tuition, A level Tuition, IP Tuition
Maths Tuition, Science Tuition, English Tuition, Chinese Tuition
Physics Tuition, Chemistry Tuition, Economics Tuition, GP Tuition, Biology Tuition
Grade 1-12 Tuition
IGCSE Tuition, IGCSE Maths, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE English
IB Tuition, IB Diploma Programme (16-19) ,  IB Middle Years Programme (11-16), IB HL Maths, IB SL Maths, IB Physics, IB Chemistry, IB Bio, IB English Current School Teachers, Ex School Teachers
NIE Trained Teachers
Full Time Tutors
NUS, NTU, SMU Tutors
IB Tutors, IGCSE Tutors

A level or Poly Tutors


Our Diverse Clients [Click here]   
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Our Motto 

We are a Professionally Run and Socially Responsible Home Tuition Agency. We are supported by over 10,000 Tutors and Teachers. Our agency takes the extra mile to screen through the tutors thoroughly, engaging only High Quality Tutors. From Detailed Registration > Verifications> Pre-screening > Interviewing > Stringent Selection > Keeping Track records and customers feedback = Customer Satisfaction! Smile

Excellent Track Records


We have very Strong Track Records over the years. We Advertised extensively in the StraitsTimes and Online regularly. Our business thrive on trust, responsiblity and our relentlentless efforts to find you the right tutor at our earliest possible 

Last Updated ( Monday, 26 September 2011 )
Our Clientel E-mail
Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Our Diverse rangeof Clientel:

The below is based on our Actual Client base. 100% Real Statistics and 100% Verifiable

Main Clients:

  • Hearlanders
  • Executives, Managers, Businessmen
  • Expats
International Clients:
  • Expatriates [Europe, America, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Britiain, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, India etc]
  • International Students [IB / IGCSE / GCE / Grade 1-12]

Our Esteem Clients: 

  • Citibank - Equity Investment Operations & Currency Trading Unit
  • Sembcorp Industries Ltd - Assistant Vice President - Group Business Development
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) - Director- Mission Critical Enterprise Servers ( NonStop Servers) , APJ at HP
  • Taipei Representative Office in Singapore 駐新加坡台北代表處
  • Deputy High Commissioner of India
  • US Navy
  • Sumitomo Trust and Banking
  • NUS School or Computing
  • UMC - United Microelectronics Corporation
  • Healthy Glow - Paragon Medical Center
  • Aesthetics Dental Surgery - Park Mall
  • HSBC , Credit Suisee , Standard Chartered, UOB, DBS
  • IBM, Avaya
  • SIA
  • F& N
  • DP Burea
  • WongPartnership LLP
Their occupation range from:
  • Bankers, Doctors, Surgeons, Lawyers, Accountants
  • Directors, Vice presidents, Business Owners
  • Managers, Finance / IT professionals, Executives, Traders
  • Commissioners, Teachers, Lecturers, Civil servants

We have served International Sudents from:

  • Overseas Family School (OFS)
  • United World College(UWC)
  • Australian International School (AIS)
  • Emaar International School  (EIS)
  • American International School (AIS)
  • Global International School (GIS)
  • DPS International School Singapore (DPS)
  • Singapore American School (SAS)
  • Tanglin Trust School
  • NPS International School

And many more 

For Expatriates:
We can issue you an invoice for you to claim reimbursement from your company.
Last Updated ( Friday, 04 March 2011 )
Private tuition: Why Singapore education can't do without it E-mail
Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Private tuition: Why Singapore education can't do without it

Even students in the same class come from different home environments, comprehend and remember at different speeds, develop at different rates, are receptive to different styles of teaching, and troubled by different emotional and social problems. They are not recording machines in which technicians use some standard method to input knowledge.

In school, every teacher has to teach many students, besides having other duties. He may be well trained and dedicated, but there is only so much he can do. A qualified and caring personal private tutor is a must for many, especially in languages and mathematics.



Last Updated ( Monday, 11 July 2011 )
No tuition? Won't lose out? E-mail
Monday, 23 August 2010


No tuition? Won't lose out?


Last Updated ( Monday, 25 April 2011 )
Current School Teachers and Tutors Needed! E-mail
Tuesday, 06 April 2010


Tutors and Current School Teachers Needed:

PSLE Tutors, O level Tutors, A Level Tutors, Full Time Tutors, Diploma Holders 
Tuition Assignments, Tuition jobs, Teaching Jobs , EducationJobs, Educators
Full Time Tutors, Current School Teachers, Ex School Teachers,  JC Lecturers,
NUS Tutors, NTU Tutors, SMU Tutors, NIE Tutors, A Level Tutors, Poly Tutors, 
NIE PDGE, NUS Medicine, NUS Business Administration, NUS Law, NUS Engineering, NUS Science, NUS FASS, NTU Accountancy, NTU Business, NTU Engineering ...
RJC (Raffles JC), HCI (Hwa Chong Institute) , NJC (National JC), TJC (Temasek JC), VJC (Victorial JC), AJC (Anderson JC) , Saint Andrews Junior College (SAJC)  ...

English Tutors, Maths Tutors, Science Tutors, Chinese Tutors
Maths Tutors, Physics Tutors, Chemistry Tutors, Biology Tutors, Economics Tutors, GP Tutors, A level Specialist
IGCSE Tutors, IB Tutors, UWC Tutors, OFS Tutors
MOE Teachers, Teaching as a Career, Allied Educators

Applicants from Straits Times, Classifieds, JobsDb.com, JobsCentral or other jobs portals please register with us directly to be eligible for the tuition jobs

Daily Tuition Jobs (Daily Live Updates) :

Last Updated ( Monday, 11 July 2011 )
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Chong Ming Kai

Highest Education: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (A Level Equivalent)

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